OPEN SPACE // Final installation, Milton Camillo

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Sun 24.09.23, 14:00

Pina Bausch Zentrum @BOB Campus in cooperation with Dunua e.V.

Workshop at BOB CAMPUS, Max-Planck-Straße 19, 42277 Wuppertal
Recommended from ± 7 years and upwards

In OPEN SPACE, young people have been working together since June to explore the many ways in which we as human beings can make ourselves heard artistically in society: How do people get into storytelling and who listens to them? Which (life) stories are heard and which voices are lost? How do we give space especially to those who are often rendered speechless? And how can we reinvent storytelling as an ancient custom between people? Painting, photography, dance, video and sound technology were explored in an open project workshop lasting several weeks. The collaborative project for young people will now be presented in a final installation. The workshop is led by a team including Milton Camillo, Sandrine Awah Sichui, Ida Schiele, Nils Georg and Nara Bak.

Fotos: Magdalena Jooss

Who is who?
Until the opening, the Pina Bausch Zentrum is already organizing various events and projects in the transition period establishing new links to the city and its inhabitants. The Pina Bausch Zentrum is coordinating this vacation course.

The BOB CAMPUS – urban neighborhood in Wuppertal Oberbarmen is a new place on the site of a former textile factory. On BOB CAMPUS we will get to know, dance and play on the so-called neighborhood floor.

Dunua e.V. is a non-profit migrant self-organization that promotes cosmopolitanism, justice, solidarity, cultural education and environmental awareness. Dunua e.V. is involved in the OPEN SPACE for k-UNS-t and ensures that as many different young people as possible find their way to the workshop and feel at home at BOB CAMPUS.

The project "OPEN SPACE for k-UNS-t" is supported by "Zur Bühne" the support program of the German Stage Association within the framework of "Kultur macht stark. Alliances for Education".