DUST – installation space on the topic of air pollution

Wed 20.09., 18:00 – Sun 01.10.23, 23:00



Media artist Michael Saub transports its audience on an immersive journey into the hidden world of urban particulate matter and environmental pollution. Powered by Sensor.Community’s global civic tech network, this virtual reality experience offers a captivating and thought-provoking encounter with the profound impact of dust on our lives and cities. Our mission is to shed light on the latest advancements in open data and civic technology, dispelling the common lack of awareness about the significant influence that both dust and data exert on our daily existence.

Statistics reveal a grim truth: one human life is prematurely lost every 5 seconds due to dust exposure. Moreover, it is estimated that one human life is prematurely lost every 8 minutes due to the dust stemming from the production, delivery, and consumption of digital data.

Upon entering the virtual landscape of DUST VR, users seamlessly immerse themselves in real-time data collected by ordinary citizens, seamlessly blending familiar street locations with virtual digital reality. The result is a captivating and occasionally unsettling experience. Matevž Kolenc’s haunting musical score adds depth, creating a sci-fi atmosphere that underscores the very real threat of dust pollution shaping our future.

As users venture deeper into this immersive environment, virtual agents mimic the behaviors of cars, pedestrians, cyclists, and the wind, disturbing the dust and revealing astonishing cause-and-effect relationships.

Beyond its technical intricacies, DUST VR invites contemplation, encouraging reflection on mortality, dissolution, and the fleeting nature of existence. While the installation embodies a sense of virtual memory, it also celebrates the beauty that emerges and fades in our brief moments of existence.

Festival attendees experiencing DUST VR will be transported to a realm where reality and data converge, where the impermanence of life intersects with the enduring presence of dust. This unique experience challenges perceptions, providing a glimpse into the profound and eternal within the ephemeral, ultimately leaving audiences with a renewed sense of wonder about the world we inhabit.