Compagnie Michèle Noiret (Belgium)

Wed 20.09.23, 19:30

Thu 21.09.23, 19:30

Fri 22.09.23, 10:00

l’œil, l’oreille et le lieu

Recommended from ± 12 years and upwards

In her dance film project l’œil, l’oreille et le lieu, Michèle Noiret shares her sense of wonder for and fascination with the world of insects. She looks back from a future perspective with sorrow and anger at its gradual disappearance. How could we ignore the loss of beauty and biodiversity, which is so fundamental to our own lives? The stage is a laboratory in which two individuals enter into a physical dialogue. They immerse themselves in real and virtual spaces and reinvent the lost world of insects through fragments of memories from books, movies, photos and drawings from insects.

The choreography is inspired by the fantastic universe of insects and the complexity of its rhythms, attitudes and movements, which seem so strange to us. Phenomena such as the cocoon, metamorphosis, mating and the capture of prey inform the performers’ movements, as well as the filmic images and the stage design. Emulating the style of a science fiction movie, the choreographer addresses ecological and societal questions – without wishing to be didactic, but with the desire to captivate, surprise, puzzle, win over and challenge the audience.

Michèle Noiret is a recognized artist in the world of contemporary dance in Belgium and abroad. A true pioneer, in the 1990s she introduced the interactive technologies of sound and image in her choreography, questioning our perceptions of time and space. Trained at Maurice Béjart’s Mudra school, she formed her own company in Brussels in 1986. She has created around forty choreographies, including commissions for the Ballet de l’Opéra de Paris, the Ballet de Nancy and the Ballet de Marseille. In June, l’œil, l’oreille et le lieu was nominated for the Maeterlinck Critic’s Prize in the category for “Best Artistic and Technical Creation".

P.S. Did you know that scientists from the Max Planck Society calculated the value of the “ecosystem services” of insects for the global economy with one trillion dollars per year, as they pollinate around three quarters of our crops – all for free? 

Conception, choreography: Michèle Noiret
Created with and performed by: David Drouard, Sara Tan
Video creation: Vincent Pinckaers, Aliocha Van der Avoort
3D images: Romain Lalire
Video development: Frédéric Nicaise
Original music composition, interactions, sound operator: Todor Todoroff
Additional music Entrance Song, Black Angels
Light creation: Yorrick Detroy
Stage design: Wim Vermeylen, Michèle Noiret
Costumes: Patty Eggerickx
Technical direction and stage manager: Frédéric Nicaise
Light operator: Alexandre Chardaire
Video operator: Aliocha Van der Avoort, Yves Pezet
Photos: Sergine Laloux

Coproductions: Baerum Kulturhus, Sandvika - Oslo (NO), Stormen Konserthus, Bodø (NO), Charleroi danse – Centre chorégraphique (BE), Centre des arts – CDA, Enghien-les-Bains (FR)
Support: Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles, Service Général de la Création Artistique – Service de la Danse, Wallonie-Bruxelles International (WBI), Tax Shelter du Gouvernement Fédéral Belge – Casa Kafka Pictures, Tax Shelter

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groups of young people / schools 6 €

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Wed 20.09.23, 19:30
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