Witching Hour

Dance films

28.11.2020, 23:30–00:15
Dance films about the plague, isolation and rage - dreaming children and the end of a passing era. By Jonathan Glazer (UK), Clémence Dirmeikis (FRA), Jerry Carlsson (SWE) and Fu LE (FRA) - in cooperation with TANZRAUSCHEN e.V.

Jonathan Glazer
Strasbourg 1518
To this day, scientists are puzzled over the mysterious dance rage that broke out in Strasbourg in July 1518 and which developed into a mass phenomenon in which many of the participants died from exhaustion. Together with the composer Mica Levi, the director Jonathan Glazer set to film the event - with the help of dancers who were in isolation during the corona pandemic.

Writer/Director: Jonathan Glazer - Dancers: Andrey Berezin, Botis Seva, Ditta Miranda Jasjfi, Germaine Acogny, Jamila Johnson-Small, Kaori Ito, Nazareth Panadero, Oleg Stepanov, Tsai-Chin Yu - Music: Mica Levi - Production: Academy Films - on behalf of BBC Films, BBC Arts and Sadler's Wells, Artangel


Clémence Dirmeikis
Dance, Little Chick (Danse, Poussin)
FRA, 2016
with English subtitles
Duration: 13:03 min

Louis is eight years old. She and her young mother Marianne have a very close relationship. Although tonight, during the Fest Noz in Brittany their bond is not as strong as usual, an disturbing dancer leads them away from the crowd.

Director: Clémence Dirmeikis - Dancer: Lucie Germon, Shaina Lagadec-Livolant, Jonathan Le Guennec - Composer: Heikki Bourgault, Morgane Labbé, Yann-Franch Kemener - Production: Respiro Productions - Producer: Amélie Queret


Jerry Carlsson
Shadow Animals (Skuggdjur)
SWE, 2017
Duration: 21:35 min
with English subtitles

A young girl follows her parents to a party where she experiences assorted grown-up rituals. As the evening progresses, she finds the adults’ behavior increasingly strange. Everyone tries to fit in but not everyone succeeds.

Director/Choreographer: Jerry Carlsson - DOP: Marcus Dineen - Dance Company: Gothenburg Opera’s Dance Company - Dancer: Ayla Turin, Cecilia Milocco, Peter Melin, Zana Penjweni, Danielle De Vries, Anthony Lomuljo - Costumes: Mia Andersson - Producer: Frida Martensson - Production: Garagefilm International AB


The Last Children (Les Derniers Enfants du Causse)
FRA, 2020
in French with English subtitles
Duration: 11:00 min

In 2019, 400 French primary schools were affected by a school reform that will bring isolated rural schools together in centralized educational institutions. ‘The Last Children’ is a choreographic film that was filmed with a single camera shot with children in a school on the eve of its closure. “The Last Children is a poetic story full of joy and hope which takes the viewer on a journey into the imagination of a village, where fiction and reality merge. The jury was impressed by the inventive parallel storytelling and the creative engagement of the community. An ode to the end of a passing era.” Short Wave Festival – Poland 2020 – Best Dance Film

Director & Choreographer : Fu LE - Dancers : Children of the school of Saint-Martin-Labouval - Voice : Michel Galaret - DOP : Alexander Viollet - Music : Julien Langlois - Production : Imagista, Les films du Texmex, Tetrapode - Support : Ateliers Médicis, Région Occitanie, JM-France, Spedidam