Encounters is starting over! After the first Encounters project, which addressed the topic of the Other, the new under construction/Encounters will focus on an architecture of the future. The artists who have been involved in Encounters are working in the Schauspielhaus and translating their actions into virtual space. Encounters was one of the many premieres that could not take place last season because of the coronavirus pandemic.

By continuing Encounters in virtual space, the Tanztheater is introducing itself as one of the future cohabitants of the Pina Bausch Centre, offering insights into its new creative approaches, ideas and adventures. For the original Encounters production, the Wuppertal ensemble was going to form a collective entity with the guest dancers and guest artists for sound, music and lighting. The vision for this new dance premiere had been an exercise in risk-taking, splitting the Tanztheater into a multitude of artistic units that would challenge its very identity.

In these different units, or formations, the artists of the Tanztheater had encounters with the choreographers and directors Helena Waldmann, Monika Gintersdorfer, Richard Siegal, Rainer Behr and Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, as well as dancers from their respective companies. Together they created open formats that stood for democratic working practices and curiosity towards the Other, while dissolving boundaries and questioning the concept of authorship. As part of under construction, Encounters will invite new encounters in the magnificent old Schauspielhaus and imagine a theatre space of the future.