Video Introduction

27.11.2020, 19:30–19:40
A film by Power of Color Wuppertal (PoC)

People from 160 nations live in Wuppertal. This diversity brings opportunities and challenges that need to be addressed and discussed. Only through conversation and exchange between all those involved can suggestions be implemented and change happen. “Power of Color” is a non-partisan political initiative that campaigns for sustainable change and an awareness of discriminatory patterns in society. It was founded in and for Wuppertal and in-cludes people of all ages, professions and ethnicities. Together they fight racism and advocate for equal opportunities. In order to give weight to their arguments in Wuppertal’s political sphere, “Power of Color” stood as a candidate for the municipal integration committee in September 2020. Following a successful election, the initiative will now have a presence in the committee for the next five years. This electoral win demonstrates that the people of Wuppertal are identifying with the issues that “Power of Color” is putting forward. These include calling for equal opportuni-ties for people with international backgrounds, uncovering and countering institutional racism, addressing Wuppertal’s colonial history and achieving a greater diversity in leadership positions.