Rhythm Roller Skating


08.05.2022, 17:15–19:00

The feeling of freedom afforded by moving on wheeled shoes, skateboards, bicycles and cars has always been an important part of pop culture. But it’s precisely the smallest wheels that allow the music in our own bodies to break through in the most direct way, as our skating grooves go unnoticed but are actually all around us. The history of pop music needs to be rewritten accordingly.

After roller rinks went out of fashion in America in the late 1980s, the movement and its music continued to develop in the USA’s few remaining rinks, incorporating new dance styles and beats. In Europe, the rinks have all but disappeared, but a few individuals have carried on dancing on their roller skates to this day, developing the art form even further.

Right now, we are witnessing a resurgence of this dance culture, which is casting off its underground status. We have invited 6 specialists whose 4-wheeled shoes are their very own stage and who will expand our festival’s horizons by day and by night!


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