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07.05.2022, 13:30–14:45

I was still living in Italy when I first got involved in the performing arts. It was in a theatre in Perugia, my home town, where I worked for seven years, first as an usher, then as a stage manager. After some time, I created a webpage for the theatre with two friends. It was a way to give more visibility to the productions, a way to share more content about the shows with images, video clips, interviews, reviews, photos… This blog was not part of my job. But it gave us the opportunity to experiment, create and learn about the arts, about artistic visions and how to present them in the most accurate and interesting way possible. We were discovering something new every time, we felt enriched by the artists and this was also very important for the audience. I still believe that every theatre should have the resources to produce digital archives that allow people to see the productions for free, at any time. The webpage existed for three years. I then decided to move abroad for a two-year photography course.

It was 2009 and I chose Dublin. A completely new start. New language, new connections to make, new networks to build. And in the end, I never left the performing arts. I kept working in theatres, but this time as a photographer. My first job brought me to dance as I was asked to photograph two dancers in rehearsal. From there I started to work with the main dance companies in Ireland. I’ve always loved Dublin as a city. It is a small place, where you can easily make connections, share, create and imagine different types of projects. But it’s also the place that gave me an entry point into the universe of contemporary dance, which I deeply love.

Photography should never come from just one point of view. It is continually reshaping itself in relation to the people who are working together. And I always try to reshape myself, to reshape the way I look and frame, the way I see or look at the world, in order to create something new, all the time. I am inspired by lots of different things: painting, music, light in any aspects and forms. But I am inspired by daily life as well, and random situations. If I had to name my main inspiration, I would say Jackson Pollock. I have the same chaos inside me that he projects in his art and I always have this strong feeling when I am confronted by his work. Of course, Dublin will always be the place where I defined my artistic practice. But I’d love to make a change and discover other places, other dance companies, possibly around France, Belgium or Germany.


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