Jorge Puerta Armenta - We are not nothing


©️ Stefan Fries
07.05.2022, 12:30–13:30
With students of the Berufskolleg Kohlstrasse Wuppertal

With Adna Abdicasis, Amar Almoree, Susan Azghari, Kadiatou Bah, Izabela-Stefania Costache, Ioana Dimitrova, Noura Kheshou, Magda Liszaj, Alisa Morina, Milos Rankovic, Oussey Sarr, Souraya Shekh Saidi, Samir Taan, Tahirou Diallo, Alaa Sarmeni, Sadia Ahmed Barre, Abdulmageed Alaibaied, Salah Eddine El Makhouki

An education project by the Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch with students of the Berufskolleg Kohlstrasse Wuppertal

21 young people from a variety of cultural backgrounds worked six hours a day (including breaks) for three weeks, developing ideas, experimenting, designing, drawing, painting, dancing, filming, rapping and engaging in intensive creative dialogues with their classmates. They were accompanied by Jorge Puerta Armenta, Camilo Milton (dancer, dramaturg and painter), Horst Wegener (songwriter, film producer and rapper at Wupperwerft), Anna Wehsarg (dancer at Tanztheater Wuppertal and other companies, naturopath and dance teacher) and Tobias Daemgen (technology and performance artist and member of the artist collective “RaumZeitPiraten”).

Director: Jorge Puerta Armenta

Art: Camilo Milton

Music: Horst Wegener

Dance: Anna Wehsarg

Visuals: Tobias Daemgen

Rehearsals took place at the former Schauspielhaus/future Pina Bausch Centre and the Wupperwerft.

Part of the participatory education programme SEARCHING & FINDING

An initiative of the Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch

Supported by the Art Mentor Foundation Lucerne

Producer: Adrian Gralinski

Technical director: Jörg Ramershoven

Lighting director: Fernando Jacon

Sound: Andreas Eisenschneider

In collaboration with the Berufskolleg Kohlstrasse, WUPPERwerft UG & Co KG

We would like to say a big thank you to all the participants, the teachers of the Berufskolleg Kohlstraße and everyone who supported us.


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