Wanderbäume für's Talbuddeln


06.05.2022, 19:00–23:00
Fruit trees for an edible city

More trees for Wuppertal is the goal of the Talbuddeln campaign. While Wuppertal is considered one of the greenest and most densely wooded cities in Germany, plants are becoming ever more important due to climate change. Talbuddeln wants to plant new trees in the streets, on the squares, in backyards and schoolyards, around football pitches and wherever else there is a bit of space.

Do good and talk about it! We want to drum up support for more trees in the city all this year until 3 October. We are looking for organisations, clubs and companies to sponsor a "walking tree". These are fruit trees up to a maximum height of 4m, which are planted in tubs and entrusted to the sponsors for a period lasting from the beginning of May until autumn. During this time, sponsors can take part in various publicity campaigns. The trees will "wander" through the city on trolleys, cargo bikes or in wheelbarrows. They may help to transform a bleak street into a green avenue, or provide cool shade in a sunny square.

Celebrating together The campaign will culminate in a big planting event on 3 October, German Unity Day 2022. The walking trees will be planted in a green space in the city, gifting an orchard of fruit trees to the people of Wuppertal. This will help our climate in two ways: The trees provide a better microclimate through evaporation and shade while also bringing people together in joyful community spirit.

The green space where the orchard will be planted has not yet been decided on. Potential sites are a meadow in Ronsdorf and the schoolyard of a primary school.

Sponsorship: We would be very happy about an entire forest that grows from many individual donations. You have the opportunity to sponsor a leaf, a branch or a whole tree here: https://talbuddeln.de/spenden/

Further information and contact:

https://talbuddeln.de/ kontakt@talbuddeln.de