Rainer Behr - Zugvögel (WT)


06.05.2022, 20:30–21:30
Annalisa Palmieri, Stsiapan Hurski, Seunghwa Baek, Marco Girardin

As well as the revivals of pieces from Pina Bausch’s repertoire, the Tanztheater premiered two full-length new productions in the 2021/22 season to great acclaim:

Rainer Behr’s Schlafende Frau (Sleeping Woman) with stage design by Michael Simon and costumes by Susanne Stehle celebrated its premiere at the Wuppertal opera house in January 2022. Richard Siegal’s ECTOPIA premiered at the Forum Leverkusen and was performed in Anish Kapoor’s installation Shooting Into The Corner, with music by Alva Noto.

In a conversation with the dramaturg Carmen Kovacs, Rainer Behr compared the process of creating Schlafende Frau to a “journey into a state. A journey we undertook together, which is now part of our lived experience. There was no need to travel – we were already in the place I wanted to go to. But it was about creating a shared perception, a common frequency.”

Rainer is now using the same universal approach to work with four artists on a new quartet specifically for this festival: A world premiere, still untitled, featuring dancers Annalisa Palmieri and Stsiapan Hurski (rehearsal director) and musicians Seunghwa Baek and Marco Girardin.


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