Fabien Prioville - NOW FICTION


©️ Bastian Hessler
06.05.2022, 21:30–22:45
Virtual Reality Films and Installations

NOW FICTION facilitates a new form of encounter, transforming reality into short fictional stories.  

The project explores the reception of contemporary dance, both on a physical and a virtual level. The proximity to the dancer’s body is made tangible through a new, virtual kind of physicality. It takes place in the intersections between theatre, dance, space, the public, movement and perception, challenging the audience to navigate two different levels of reality simultaneously.   

Led by Fabien Prioville, dancers from the Tanztheater’s ensemble collaborated with the members of the fabien prioville dance company, embarking on a creative process over two-and-a-half weeks in which they utilised the Wuppertal Schauspielhaus as a playground and basis for the narrative. The space is at the heart of these short fictional stories, which also integrate abstract concepts of our society.  

For the audience, the permanent installation sets the tone for the festival and, like a cosmic background noise, opens a bridge to another space-time. The new VR creation by Fabien Prioville can be experienced in 10 locations around the theatre. In the Schauspielhaus, viewers experience a parallel world: in diving in, their heads and bodies separate, only to find themselves in two worlds at the same time.  

Concept/Direction Fabien Prioville

Dancers of the Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch Daphnis Kokkinos, Reginald Lefebvre, Nicholas Losada, Julie Shanahan, Christopher Tandy, Tsai-Chin Yu

Dancers of the fabien prioville dance company Francesca Ciaffoni, Tijana Prendovic

A production of the fabien prioville dance company in co-production with under construction and Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch.


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