Urban Dance Training (UDT)


07.05.2022, 11:00–13:00
Workshop with Martina La Ragione

Urban Dance Training is a choreographic research project that investigates the relationship between the body in motion and its surrounding environment, incorporating public space, natural habitats and urban locations.

The participants (professionals and non-professionals from various disciplines) are confronted with the elements they encounter: historical architecture, modern buildings and post-industrial places. The project’s nomadic and itinerant aspects challenge the participants’ adaptability, generating an intense and unusual performative experience.

The confrontation with a random audience and the relationship with noises and unexpected events reinforce the performers’ internal focus, demanding an intuitive and material approach to movement and a continual refinement of their stage presence.

We will choose one or more specific areas and various architectural elements of the city to interact with. We will arrive at a dynamic performance experience through improvisation and a physical approach to creating sequences and choreographic compositions in dialogue with the space.

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