AKTION - Living Library

07.05.2022, 14:00–18:00

Every person has a unique life story, yet often we are too reluctant to ask our counterpart what has shaped them, touches and moves them. Yet in all people there slumbers a stories that can help us see the world in a new way, open us up open us to other ideas and perceptions.

Therefore the art and culture center LOCH organizes in the context of the this year's Under Cosntruction Fetsival on 07.05. on the forecourt of the former Wuppertaler Schauspielhaus a living library. Just as it is possible to to dive into another world through a book, so can people themselves tell about their own lives like books. Who borrows such a "book," can choose not just to listen but to engage with the living Book ask questions and get into a conversation.

Naturally, each of the "books" is to be treated with care and respect, so that they do not come to harm. Therefore all interested readers get a librarian. They can advise on the choice of living books and give a short instruction. The books themselves will deal with a variety of topics, which cover a spectrum from all areas of life. We are looking forward to all those who feel like joining us on this day and meet our living books with curiosity and respect.

The Living Library is created in cooperation with the Wuppertal Initiative for Democracy and Tolerance and the Wuppertal City Library.