AKTION - Shadow theatre: environmental (in)justice in Wuppertal Part 2

07.05.2022, 19:00–22:00

Processes of change in environmental protection and sustainability can only succeed if they build on environmental justice and civil rights, according to Leah Thomas and many others. Environmental justice refers to an intersection of environmental, social and health issues and different environmental burdens of different social groups and the places where they live. What is the state of environmental justice in Wuppertal and what civil rights are we talking about? Which social groups get heard and who (doesn't) listen, who remains invisible and unheard when we engage in sustainability today? We want to get to know the connections and commonalities of the participants, create space for listening also to perceived inequalities when we talk about environmental justice. The Federal Environment Agency has developed a toolbox for environmental justice in municipalities. One recommendation is to define the need for action together with residents and local actors. In this workshop, we will generate initial ideas. From which positions in society we look at environmental protection and sustainability, and what this has to do with environmental justice, we would like to experience playfully and performatively with the participants. The two-part workshop explores these questions in a first part at noon. We will mark each positioning and each connection (anonymously) on a sail. Just as with the sail, in which scraps of fabric are sewn into a sail, we reassemble scraps of conversation about these questions for a shadow theatre for the evening, during the second part of the workshop. We create finger puppets of environmental (in)justice and small choreographies that we bring to life with the help of an overhead projector and torches in front of and behind the sail: We review the day. The workshop with children will also inspire the shadow theatre.