Büro für künstlerische Praxis (Office for artistic practice)


27.11.2020, 21:00–22:30
By )) freies netz werk )) KULTUR

The Büro für künstlerische Praxis (Office for artistic practice) is an installation and artistic intervention in the middle of the old Schauspielhaus and the future Pina Bausch Centre. Furnished like a typical office with a desk, office chair, typewriter, ficus elastica, filing boxes and thermos flask, it functions as a platform for cinematic performances by artists from the independent scene. Initiated by )) freies netz werk )) KULTUR, the office weaves together a variety of different artistic statements recorded in many different locations to create one film. The contributions are interdisciplinary and showcase different attitudes and positions regarding the changes and issues faced by our society. A particular focus is the question of the future Pina Bausch Centre’s role in the cultural, social and urban life of the city: What are people’s wishes for the Pina Bausch Centre? In what ways do artists want to be involved over the coming years?